A Gettysburg Photo Tour: Then & Now Photos with GPS Coordinates | CivilWarBattles.US
A Gettysburg Photo Tour - front book cover Come back in time with me as we tour the exact locations on the Gettysburg battlefield where events happened - both momentous and mundane - during the battle that changed American history. We know for sure exactly where certain events happened because we can match the modern-day locations to where the old, period photographs were taken. The Gettysburg battlefield was unique in the Civil War in that it was both heavily photographed and well preserved, allowing us to follow in the exact footsteps of the original photographers who took photos that they considered the most worthy at that time. Though no photos were taken while the battle was in progress, a large number were taken just a few days later - while Lee's army was still retreating back to Virginia, and before mothers learned their boys lay dead at a place called Gettysburg. A Gettysburg Photo Tour - back book cover All of the best of the period photos known taken of Gettysburg