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The battle of Gettysburg was the most decisive battle of the Civil War. It was also the bloodiest, and it marked the turning point of the war. It also broke the almost perfect string of victories the South had enjoyed in the eastern theater under the leadership of Robert E. Lee. The Stakes Had the Union lost the struggle at Gettysburg, it very possibly would have lost the war. And had it lost the war, "America" today would be a fragmented series of weak mini-states, all competing and feuding, leading to many of the wars that have plagued Europe for centuries. In addition, God only knows where we'd be today on the slavery issue, let alone civil rights. The Sides Robert E. Lee General Lee's Confederate army was cocky - with good reason. Always outnumbered, Lee's 72,000 soldiers were never outfought. Just two months earlier, they had utterly routed the Union army at Chancellorsville, VA. In fact, under Lee, the Confederate Army had won six straight victories and one bloody draw