Civil War Infantry Tactics: The Right Tactics? | CivilWarBattles.US
To the extent that the American Civil War is still mentioned in our public schools, other than as a vehicle for Black liberation, every student is informed that the reason for the war's high casualty rate is because the weapon technology had outpaced the military tactics, and Civil War generals failed to adapt – instead they foolishly continued to deploy troops in massed formations in the open, where the soldiers were cut down by the lethal fire of technologically-advanced weaponry. So what was the lethal, technologically-advanced weaponry that did all this damage? Specifically, it was the rifled musket and cannon. "Rifling" means that that the inside of the gun barrel is grooved, causing the projectile to spin as it leaves the barrel - giving the bullet or shell greater range and accuracy, much like a quarterback throws his football in a spinning motion for the same reason. The rifled musket didn't exist in the Napoleonic Wars of the early 1800s; the gun barrels of that time were