Chris Lydon: Movements and Ideas for 2018
Chris Lydon joins me to ring in the new year by looking back at what happened in 2017. Chris Lydon is a journalist, radio host, and observer of human behavior. He also has a deep love for jazz, books, and a good bowl of oatmeal. Chris and I became friends some ten years ago because of his legendary radio show and podcast, Radio Open Source. The first podcaster in the history of the medium, a former reporter for the NY Times, and a active member of that long tradition of Bostonians making a difference in this world. Over the years it has become a tradition that I come spend some days in Boston, talking with him and participating in his daily life. A tradition that has had a massive impact on my life and is more important than any other holiday you can think of. At Chris's kitchen table, eating oatmeal, talking about the world around us... thats where I love to be. So what better way to start a 2018 of restoration and rebirth.... it's Chris Lydon and myself.. look back at 2017 and finding clues about 2018.