This is Bossa Nova - Cinema Slate
A Cinema Slate Release Directed by Paulo Thiago Cast: Carlos Lyra, Roberto Menescal, Iko Castro Neves, Johnny Alf, Billy Blanco, João Donato. Running time: 124 minutes. Languages: Portuguese with English subtitles. Year: 2012 THIS IS BOSSA NOVA Synopsis: Paulo Thiago's acclaimed documentary This is Bossa Nova tells the story of Bossa Nova, the Brazilian music born in the early fifties that would attain definite international recognition in 1962 with the memorable concert at New York’s Carnegie Hall. This film includes interviews with, and exclusive musical performances by, Bossa Nova musicians, composers and performers such as Carlos Lyra, Roberto Menescal, João Donato and Iko Castro Neves - to name a few. Also included are exclusive archive material of international shows and performances of Brazilian and international artists who participated in the movement during its golden years. Screenplay: Paulo Thiago Producer: Gláucia Camargos Co-Producer: Carlos Lyra, Roberto Menescal, TeleImage, Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment,Inc., Pérola Negra Produções Cinematográficas Ltda. Executive Producer: Pedro Antônio Paes Director Assistant: Renata Rodarte Photography: Guy Gonçalves Art Director: Sound Editor: Carlos Cox Direct Sound: Leandro Lima e Paulo Ricardo Nunes Editing: Marcelo Moraes