Éden - Cinema Slate
A Cinema Slate Release Directed by Bruno Safadi ***Educational DVD Now Available with PPR Rights.*** Running time: 73 minutes Language: Portuguese with English subtitles. Year: 2012 Thirty-year-old Karine (played by Leandra Leal) is eight months pregnant when she loses her husband in a senseless murder. She and her brother almost die, but are saved by Pastor Naldo (João Miguel), an right-wing evangelical pastor from the Church of Eden. Karine carries within her the conflict of salvation via the church or via the birth of her child. “Stylish… [A] beautifully crafted parable of sex, violence and religious hypocrisy. Evokes the creeping menace of Roman Polanski’s classic paranoid thriller Rosemary’s Baby” – Stephen Dalton, The Hollywood Reporter “An impressive affair. Smart and provocative.” – Mark Adams, Screen International