5th edition of APTRAN Seminars dedicated to HNV areas
The Portuguese Association of Animal Traction (APTRAN) organizes its 5th Technical-Scientific Seminars on Animal Traction on December 16, in Bragança. The topic of the 2017 edition is “Management and Valorization of High Natural Value Areas” that will be presented and discussed by José Lima Santos(ISA, University of Lisbon), Alberto Gil Carrera (Natural Park Baixa Limia - Serra do Xurés, Spain), Amilcar Teixeira (CIMO/ESA-IPB) and José castro (ESA-IPB). The event includes also a practical demonstration of animal traction in riparian forests management, led by João B. Rodrigues (APTRAN). This is an organization of APTRAN with CIMO and the School of Agriculture of IPB (ESA-IPB). All details HERE.