Why you should vote for Narendra Modi?
With time, I have felt we the people of India have a sense of ingratitude towards the nation and which I see as the biggest challenge of our nation. We have so many divisions among people on the lines of class, caste & religion that we neither have an affinity towards our fellow Indians nor for our places we live. If I am not mistaken, we do not bother and care for staircase of our building where people litter, spit and even pee, with total disregard. Poverty doesn't scare us. Oppression doesn't look horrible. Lawlessness is a way of life. We are not enraged with the fact that we have been free country for more than 65 years and still we are a 3rd world country. There are more deaths due to malnutrition than Africa. We can be killed in our own country just because we from another part of the same country. We feel special if we get electricity and water all the time as we feel it is for the privileged. I think we lack nationalism or may be have not become a nation yet. We like to