The Happy Accident
"I hate it when I have to kiss you like it's last time", sad a disappointed Chaanak after a passionate kiss to Pankhudi. They are about to leave the hotel as she catches the train at Dadar Station for Jaipur. Phone rings, "Taxi is here, Sir", said the receptionist from the other end. "Ikshu, I am worried I may miss the train. Dad is reaching home tomorrow morning." It was last week of December 2009 and Pankhudi had come to Mumbai from Jaipur for a 3 day honeymoon with Chaanak. Chaanak and Pankhudi meet every 2-3 months for a 3-4 days trip in different cities to spend time together. Pankhudi's relationship status in public was single as with most girls with boyfriends in India. Pankhudi's concern was obvious as it was peak hours in evening and they were likely to be stuck in traffic jam. Chaanak, visible concerned quickly retorted "Let's do it my way. We pick the taxi and go to the nearest railway station from where we can pick a direct local to Dadar." The taxi headed towards Cotton