The Handkerchief
It is Monsoon of 1996 in a small town called Fort Songadh in Gujarat. A 10 year old Indian kid didn't understand of love & obsession other than Sachin Tendulkar. May be it was just a stupid emotion or I had gone pervert at young age. Ok, I am confused here. I don't know what it is. Growing up in small town, I had lived in a man's world. I hang out with guys, study with guys, play with guys, fight with guys and talked cricket & Sachin with them all the time. It was not as if girls were non-existent but they were like different species in many ways we did not understand. They looked different obviously but they also did things unlike boys - they never talked about cricket, they did not worship Sachin (Can you believe that?), they were always toppers in the class, always did their homework and scored high in disciplinary feedback as well. It was not as if there was any hatred but without any doubt, they were always "them" when we talked about anything on earth. Interaction with