The Boarding Pass – Part II
The sadistic thrill of the mystery woman enticed me. In these few minutes, I realized I did not ask her name. She was an amazing beautiful woman around 30 something. She had an attractive persona in all respects and most importantly her character made for an interesting conversation. She was definitely from a Middle East country with an upper middle class upbringing and more than that I could not decipher why she became so friendly with me for no reason. I had one more hour for boarding the flight. My gut feeling asked me to go on. Me: "Wooohhooo! Ok, Miss Boarding Pass. I would have loved to ask you for a drink but liquor is banned here. This airport is too small to even take a stroll. No other decent restaurant to even sit with nice ambience and good music. So, let's play a game. What say?" She: "Do you think I will enjoy it? I would hate to say it was boring on your face." Me: "I am an entrepreneur my friend, I don't let go opportunities just like that. I always try even if I know