The Boarding Pass – Part I
"This way sir, proceed to Gate number 18 for boarding. Boarding starts in 90 minutes." said the pretty lady from Air Arabia's ground staff at Sharjah Airport. I was travelling to Nairobi from Sharjah in July 2014. Generally, I like stopovers as it allows me to roam around different airports, try out local cuisines, do some duty-free shopping and relax my muscles after long flights. But 15 minutes in the airport and I found it very boring in all possible aspects. So, finding an innovative way to kill time was the only thing on my mind. "Eureka! I found it." Let's visit the Costa Coffee outlet and try chocolate croissants and then rate them on TripAdvisor. I took my seat in a quiet corner after ordering a chocolate croissant and latte. The restaurant was mostly empty except for a middle-aged couple trying hard to pacify their child who was getting cranky over something. Now that I was not finding anything interesting, I decided to immerse myself in the 3rd part of Millennium Trilogy