That girl with a blue newspaper
"Excuse me, that's a ladies seat." came a polite but affirmative wave of sound in my ears. I knew it was coming and was deliberately behaving as if I didn't hear. But as with most people in such situation, my jerkiness was very evident. "Excuse me!!" This time it was rude and I was forced out of chivalry and politeness to get up from the seat reserved for women. By this time, the woman had on display all kinds of ugly faces, had already labelled me as a jerk within herself and also ensured with her blabbering mouth and that people nearby think the same about me. I puffed with arrogance as if I was deprived of my fundamental right and angry I was. In scorching heat of June 2012 in Delhi, I had travelled whole day to different prospective clients to pitch in my product. I faced rejection all over and I might have created some kind of record for maximum rejections in a day or at least I thought so. The spirit was on all-time low. It was one more day of surviving on bread & omlette. I