I Wanna be You
"Get Ready Soon. I don't want to miss my daughter's glory moment", shouted Mr. Singh to Mrs. Singh & their 10 year old shy off-spring Chaanak as they embark upon a 200 km journey to see their daughter Samara representing school in a debate competition. Mr. Singh, a LML Vespa middle-class citizen of 90's, has hired a Ambassador Car (Yes, it's a car) for this special moment. For Singhs excluding Chaanak, it was like their daughter was appearing for a Miss India Contest. "Dad, can we go to the Water Park which is on the way?", asked Chaanak who wanted to divert their attention to everything except Samara. Chaanak was insanely disturbed with all attention diverted to Samara before the event as he felt his parent's love Samara more than him. Chaanak was at least happy with the fact though he gets to sit in the car which he was so fond of and has been requesting his father to buy one for family but as with all families in India in 90's, Car was for the growing ones unlike Singh family.