Drowned thoughts of an imaginative mind
Every good story starts with a challenge. A goal which both inspires and spreads fear, hints of danger and adventure in equal measures - unconquered & unfathomed mountains and unbeatable adversaries. For us it was Ganga, a river synonymous with everything Indian, the very reason of existence for over a 1 billion human beings. But no, the challenge in question today is not spiritual or religious in nature , even though those who seek to unravel the mysteries of "The Orient", might be interested to know that we were in the same city where once the original flower-children "The Beatles" once attained their smoke –induced Moksha. Yes, we were in Rishikesh, a quaint little town dominated by small markets, narrow lanes, tourist hotels, between the gorgeous green hills of the Himalayas. And, as the book goes, "a river runs through it". Our challenge was a 26 Km long stretch of swirling, twisting Ganga, flowing at a very fast pace and cutting across mighty chunks of rock creating rapids