A Letter for you..
My Hero, I need to remind you something. That not everything in life goes systematically. Not everything in life is to be taken from an engineer's perspective. Not everything is to be discussed with everyone. Some things are just felt by the heart and left alone like that itself. When I fell in love with you I didn't feel like discussing about it... Else we would have never come this far... u know... I didn't know that calming down someone's anger requires some technique too.... Whenever I get angry on you I just can't be like that for a long time ... And in that case if it takes a long time to make up I just forget it... It's not that u have a better way to make up the quarrel.... Samjhe !!!!!!!!!!!! and as far as making the other person feel special is concerned (as u said in the morning : Relationships like love are all about making the other person feel special.) then I must say that there are lots of expectations everyday from my side where I want you to make me feel special.