Cheap And Easy Wall Shelf - Chubby Bunny Creations
Hey guys! My project today is a super easy wall shelf. I wanted to free up a little space on the floor so I thought this would be perfect. I decided to add a little color to it because well, I love color. For this project you will need: Shelf brackets and screws (found at Lowe’s on sale for $6) Screw driver Level Stud finder Wood (Also found at Lowe’s for $5) Spray paint, top coat and wood stain ( optional) Sand paper (optional) I started by sanding the brackets just to scratch them up so that the paint will adhere better. Then I spray painted the brackets, let them dry then adding the top coat. While they were drying I sanded and stained the wood. I found the perfect spot in the living room for the shelf. I used my stud finder and marked where I wanted to hang it. Then I used the level and marked a straight line. The brackets I bought cane with instructions for hanging so I just followed them. It is always helpful to pre-drill holes in the wood you are using. Line everything up and screw it all together. Enjoy your easy wall shelf!