An inspiring story
This short depiction of how a downtrodden child of the lesser Gods finds himself in a dilemma between the social trauma around him and his desire to become literate , displays a strong social message of courage, compassion and determination. Throughout the movie, the child is shown as a daydreamer, however his dreams are not about the riches he sees around him, neither is it about quenching his hunger , it is an unfathomable desire to learn from whatever resources that he can get. The story continues showing how this guy who has grown up in the streets, accumulates all his might and treads on the difficult path to achieving his dreams, starting from picking up notes from garbage to walking all the way to the school. The movie also portrays the duality within society’s niche regions, where within the poverty-stricken not everyone gets a chance at free education. The use of coal and paper shows the stark contrasts within the society. The movie concludes splendidly depicting the innate sense of care and responsibility within the protagonist. The initially timid guy turns into a pioneer for children like him and believes that they could be guided towards a better future.