Chinese Number Booklet - Everything You Should Know About Chinese Numbers - Chinese for kids
Chinese numbers are comparatively easy to learn. Once the basic numbers (0-10) are mastered, it is easy to move forward to count higher, to learn the weekdays, year, month and date, to tell the time and much more. IS CHINESE NUMBERS BOOKLET RIGHT FOR YOU? If you want to have a great toolkit booklet, a reference of numbers in Chinese, this booklet is right for you: – Because it is well organized. There are different sections in this booklet featuring Chinese basic numbers, more complicated numbers, gestures, weekdays, months, dates, time etc... It offers a quick reference for children when learning the relevant knowledge. – Because it is engaging. The booklet is designed in a child-friendly way. Attractive to children's eyes. – Because it is accessible. Nicely designed, Easy to Read and Available for Immediate Download as a PDF Today.