COG Art | Children of Gaia
Children of Gaia Artwork Our co-founder and resident artist, Jayel Draco, hosts a Twitch live-stream every Tuesday and Thursday evening, beginning at 5:30 pm Mountain Time, at Below are some examples of the art he’s produced. We hope you can join us next time! Oneshi Press Patreon subscribers can download full-resolution images, info sheets on Children of Gaia characters, and more. The Map of Rendaraia Cartographia Rendaraia – Aged Map by Jayel Draco The Eternals of Gaia Eternal – Terran – Akmenos Eternal – Terran – Zaraphel Eternal – Rendaraian – Xolaria Eternal – Rendaraian – Tuhrinara Eternal – Rendaraian – Nuridia Eternal – Terran – Kernunos Eternal – Rendaraian – Istara Eternal – Terran – Iatsoatel Eternal – Rendaraian – Eblenara Eternal – Terran – Azocles The Eternals are the original ten elemental spirits who seeded Gaia—the greater realm that encompasses both Terra and Rendaraia—with life. Throughout history, the Eternals have chosen mortal beings as hosts, granting them vast elemental powers in exchange for sharing their physical form. The Eternals protect the balance of life and guide the developing wisdom of sentient creatures. The mortals chosen as hosts become part of the Eternals’ immortal existence, and they play [...]