What to wear to a Children´s birthday party | Chic Every Week
Once we hit 30, and specially when we become a mother, our social life changes drastically and your social events will be tones of kid´s birthday parties! Children’s Birthday Parties will be to moms "the social event", aka the place to be with our girl friends and the place to meet new people, meaning new moms, and of course the place where a lot of photos will be taken, so looking good is totally necessary. The problem is how can we even think in looking good if we are going to stress out most of the time dealing with damage control, because we have to be honest there´s a lot that can go wrong. Last year my 5 year old son birthday party was suppose to be perfect, and believe me I worked hard for perfection, but my efforts were in vain, and I choose the worst day of that year. Was raining cats an dogs the entire time, and I had 25 children and I don´t even know how many parents inside the house! Needless to say it was insane, but incredibly my son found everything normal and loved