The Rolling Stones´music video that everyone is crazy about including Kristen Stewart | Chic Every Week
You have to see the new video from Rolling Stones' first single in over a decade! Definitely worth the wait! The video is crazy cool and the music is so perfect and cool that is going to make you sing all week ;) The Chanel´s muse Kristen Stewart, takes us on a wild ride in a vintage blue Mustang to the tune of the Stones' cover of "Ride 'Em on Down." Stewart fits the rock star vibe in a distressed white crop-top that puts her tattoos on display and a pair of Levi's high-waisted blue jeans. The badass look is complete with a messy slicked back hair, round sunglasses, and a bright blue lollipop that matches her car. Everything in the video looks profanity-free, Kristen´s face practically screams "fuck you," and the video's final shot is her giving the camera the middle finger without even making eye contact with it. Most of the scenes seem random, but of course nothing was filmed by chance. If you watch the video carefully, you’ll see song lyrics and the iconic Rolling Stones tongue