The ‘no-makeup makeup’ look: The power in the Parisian bare-faced trend | Chic Every Week
Paris: the city of love, culture and of course, beautiful women. How do they do it? Parisians tend to rock the "just rolled out of bed but still looking bright eyed and lit from within" look so effortlessly that it nearly puts the American make up trends to shame. According to French make-up artists, the philosophy behind it is that makeup is used to enhance the facial features you love rather than to hide the ones that you don’t. The French love to allow their real skin to breathe and shine through – it’s all about enjoying a fresh faced, sheer coverage look, and it’s not just for smooth-skinned models. There’s something very empowering in embracing your face and in looking at makeup as a fun opportunity to boost your self-confidence instead of a time-consuming morning activity you use to cover up your skin, and this is exactly what the French wish to get across in their barely-there makeup looks. Here are a few tricks on how to rock the "no-makeup makeup" look: Skincare first, makeup