The Australian bushfires and ways to unite in times of the nationwide natural disaster | Chic Every Week
If you are an active listener of the radio or watcher of the news, you have probably heard about the bushfires catastrophe still going strong in the new decade. You have also probably heard about some of the highest summer temperatures in Australia ever recorded that are around 1.52% higher than the average summer temperature from 1960-1990. What you probably didn’t know is that 2019 was notably the year when the number of rainfall was lower than the average by the whopping 40%. Australia’s Climate Council released a report back in 2014 about climate change being the epitome of the wildfire issue. According to them, “Climate change is making hot days hotter, and heatwaves longer and more frequent. Some parts of Australia are becoming drier”. As the temperature goes up, the likelihood of vegetation drying up becomes higher. Consequently, the environment has a higher chance of blowing up in a nationwide fire like the one the Australians are experiencing at the moment. Since the