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We'd forgive you for thinking that red ankle boots are a little tacky, but the truth is the power of the red boots must not be underestimated. The right pair of red boots radiate confidence, sass, and style. They make you want to dance all night, flirt shamelessly, and apologize for nothing. So the fashion world (and us) are currently having a moment with red boots.Don't believe us? According to Lisa Aiken, fashion director of Net-a-Porter, this is the key boot trend; in fact, over 100 styles had dropp on site since September. Designers from Fendi to Victoria Beckham had red boots at the core of their A/W 17 collections, proving just how versatile—and popular—they are.Tell us, is this trend is just to tacky for you or do you already started spreading your magic with them? ;) Portuguese Version Estão desculpadas por pensarem que as botas encarnadas são uma falta de gosto, mas a verdade é que o poder das botas encarnadas não deve ser subestimado. O par certo de botas encarnadas irradia