The eight protocol rules broken in the royal wedding | Chic Every Week
We love royal weddings, is a fact that we can't and we don't try to hide. The wedding dress, the veil, the tiara, the clothes of the guests (female guests;), the cars, we haven't recovered from the Jaguar E (James Bond style all over) in which the bride and groom left after the party. Everything was a reason for us to have been in royal wedding mode last weekend, we even bought fresh flowers to decorate the office in honor of Prince Harry and his sweet heart Meghan Markle! Because, this marriage was so unexpected to happen in a family like the British Royal Family, everything was much more special to us, after all the whole world witnessed a historical moment, where Love was definitely in the air, like a fairy tale ( we still remember the nightmare that was to see the unhappy face of Lady Di and Prince Charles). We couldn't stop asking is this really happening? Or are we just watching a Disney movie? Instagram @peachsy To be able to witness through a dream ceremony, that the world