The one thing you should wake up with every morning | Chic Every Week
Breakfast, check. Shower, check. Getting ready, check. So what is the one thing you should wake up with whether it’s the weekend or a weekday? I´m talking about noni, a fruit that has phenomenal antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. Noni juice is so amazing it’s even been labeled a wonder food. About a three years ago I read an article some where about how much the Victoria's Secret ex-Angel Miranda Kerr love noni Juice. Kerr says “it’s not only great for your skin, but it’s also great for your general well-being.” Of course I was intrigued, after all we all want to look as healthy as Miranda, so I kept reading about it and found that noni juice is somewhat of a miracle health supplement. I have been drinking the juice for 3 years now, and what I can tell you is that I don´t get a cold since then and in general I really do feel much healthier, and I always feel a difference in my energy when I stop drinking it. So what is noni, and what makes it so great? Noni is actually a