Mother’s day is almost here and I’m starting to freak out | Chic Every Week
It may seem strange, but I'm starting to freak out with the approach of mother's day, especially this year. Mother's Day this year, for those who don't know, will be on Sunday May 6, it happens that I celebrate my marriage exactly on the 6th and on the 5th, my oldest son turn 7 years old and will have a party at home with his friends as usual. But because I had not enough celebrations for this weekend, on the morning of day 5 we also have a christening. It's crazy I know! This will make this week a real madness, just like the weekend. Organizing my son's party is always challenging and just to make my life more difficult this year my son chose the Star Wars theme, and no matter how much I look on Pinterest, I d0n't see anything that inspires me, contrary to the usual. Maybe because I can't relate to the subject at all. Saturday afternoon is going to be worse than 3 pilates lessons in a row (I've never done pilates, but I imagine it's surreal) trying to get the kids safe back home and