ME Hotel! Is this the coolest Hotel in London or what?!? | Chic Every Week
During our weekend in London to attend the Vogue Festival, we have stayed in the ME Hotel, and we are overwhelmed by this killing cool Hotel. The service is TOP! It really is, the staff was so friendly, helpful and kind, and the minute they knew we were from Portugal, they introduced us to Leandro, a very kind and friendly man that happens to speak Portuguese as he is Brazilian. I just remember the name of Leandro, but the other staff members were also very nice and very polite with us. Thank you all for making us feel at home. I don´t get very excited when I see super modern Hotels, because for me a Hotel has to be as comfortable as my home, or even better. Most of the times super modern interior design, makes the Hotels not so cozy. But at the same time I´m not a vintage girl, at least when it comes to chose a Hotel, so what I usually look for in a Hotel, was what ME Hotel in London gave us. A avant-garde hotel with innovative design, cosmopolitan atmosphere and contemporary music,