The full coverage of our Meet Up at Maxima Beauty Summit | Chic Every Week
We love to meet with our amazing followers, we like to know their dreams, their passions, what are they doing and understand their expectations when they visit Chic Every Week. That´s why last week we invited only six followers to our exclusive Meet Up that took place at Maxima Beauty Summit. We thought that this event dedicated to beauty was the perfect place to our exclusive Meet Up. For those who weren’t able to come, step inside with us, to catch up with all the action from our Meet Up at Máxima Beauty Summit, and we´ll promise you that next time you will want to be one of our VIP guests :) It´s not easy to describe all the fun that we had together. Meeting with our followers and friends is incredibly rewarding, they really push us further. The Beauty event was hosted in Páteo da Galé, and we have to say that the place was very well chosen, not only because of its pleasant atmosphere that is both historic (from the Pombaline era) and modern, but also because of its privileged