Ideas for Mother´s Day | Chic Every Week
"Being a mother is definitely the biggest challenge of my life. Is being crazy in love forever, is being worried forever, is being fully proud, is laughing about silly things, is making choices every day, is having incredible days, and days that you just want to run way, is wonderful, is extreme, is receiving cuddles, sloppy kisses and smiles, is being happy because my kids are happy, is pushing myself to became a better person, is learning about strengths I didn't know possible and dealing with fears I didn't know existed, is learning how to do almost everything one-handed. Sometimes feels like a competition but it really isn't. We're all just doing the best we can." J.B. Mother´s Day is almost here. So it´s time to make our Mother´s Day as perfect as she is, after all she did more for us than anyone else. We think that a good way to start the day, is preparing her favorite breakfast, or go out and take her to her favorite place to have breakfast. For the boys flowers is always