How to plan the perfect yacht day | Chic Every Week
If you’re planning to go on a boat or yacht, and you are not sure on what to bring with you and what to wear, you’ve come to the right place, because we have everything covered, specially your wardrobe. ;) - The first and most important is the sunscreen, health always comes first. - No matter what the forecast says, or what the weather is like before you leave, be prepared for both cold and windy and blazing hot sunshine, so something warm to throw on it always a good idea. - Make sure you choose the right footwear, it must be something that can slip on and off easily and something with a bit of grip. Just make sure that your shoes have light colored soles. Black soles that mark the deck are a big no and the first rule of boating etiquette. - Since you won’t be on the beach for most of the time you can bring your most beautiful and delicate beachwear with you, to fill chic and glamours like Olivia Palermo in Valentino´s Yacht, however if you want to avoid your precious peaces