How to ‘hygge’: dressing like the Danish | Chic Every Week
Do you know the feeling of lighting the candles whilst setting the table for a home-cooked, family meal? Or the cozy sensation of walking around the house in fuzzy socks, wrapped in a blanket and with a hot drink in hand whilst it rains outside? How about the excitement of meeting old friends for an ice cold drink on a hot summer night? This is what the Danish tradition ‘hygge’ (pronounced hoo-gah) is all about: cherishing and celebrating life’s simplest pleasures in a way that is warm, cozy and comfortable. This lifestyle trend, based on a long-standing Danish tradition, has found its place in interior design, baking and most recently, fashion. Hygge is all about finding comfort and contentment on a day to day basis which, contrary to what might be thought, does not mean compromising style. Instead, hygge fashion is based on cultivating well-being, one which can be compared to feeling ‘warm on the inside’– which obviously means something different for everyone, ranging from cozy knit