Happy Birthday Miroslava Duma | Chic Every Week
Miroslava Duma celebrates her birthday this month. And guess what? Me and this Russian It-Girl have two things in common: We are both tiny and we both have a passion for fashion. How cool is that? With so much in common ;) I think this could be the beginning of a long friendship ;) My new BFF ;) is known for its sophisticated style and for being followed virtually all over the world. She is a constant presence on street style blogs; she has a killer wardrobe, imagine having a friend with a wardrobe like this, I would probably died inside her closet, and she´s definitely not afraid to experiment clothes and even the most outrageous combinations of hers have been a success. She always pushes the boundaries, combining color, prints, and textures, always styled with an unexpected accessory that gives her a playful look and makes you wonder and want more. Duma is truly creative and have a unique sense of style. She´s crazy about statement necklaces that she wears all the time, and Holy