Happy Birthday Carolina Herrera | Chic Every Week
Carolina Herrera celebrates her birthday this month. This Venezuelan- American fashion Designer is known for exceptional personal style and for dressing first ladies from Jacqueline Kennedy to Michelle Obama. At the age of 13 her grand mother took her to Paris to see the Cristobal Balenciaga haute couture show. O.k, here I´m already super jealous, and this is just the beginning... In the 80´s she was considered one of the best-dressed women in the world and inspired pop-art icon Andy Warhol and was photographed by the world’s most celebrated photographers. She´s a huge fan of white shirts, and as she use to say "when I don´t know what to wear I choose a white shirt". How can someone be so elegant and stylish since forever?!? We all have our not so proud fashion years, but Carolina Herrera don´t. Maybe, sometimes we just have to keep it simple and just choose the white shirt ;) In 1981 Carolina Herrera finally decide to share her high sense of style and fashion with the world, and she