The beauty technology that will transform your skin forever | Chic Every Week
Two months ago I finally bought the revolutionary technology in the beauty industry - Foreo Luna 2. I've been thinking about buying this beauty device for quite some time, so when I went to Douglas and saw it was on sale and I didn't think twice and bought it. However when my husband saw my pink device for the first time, he wasted no time in saying that it should be the worst purchase I had made considering that sliding a pink rubbery, vibrating paddle over my face does not seem to do an effective skin cleansing. I have to tell you how wrong my husband was. Yes dear you were wrong, but don't worry they already made a men´s version in black ;) After trying this electronic facial device, I immediately feel the effect on my skin. It gets tighter, feels smoother and my makeup applies beautifully! And in just one week my skin was completely different. All in all, I love it. Since the birth of my second child I had the skin of a teenager, red in some places and with an acne that led me to