Fashion through the eyes of a mother and agronomist | Chic Every Week
It was very thoughtful of Chic Every Week to ask me to write a post about fashion. I feel that I know nothing about fashion; however, I do like to feel comfortable with the way I look. I am definitely inspired by the current tendencies but why do I feel great sometimes while others I leave home feeling like a rag? And it’s so good to feel good! I have double the energy (even if I didn’t get a good night sleep), I wish the day will never end and I would risk to say that I am even a better professional when I do feel good about myself! In my case, having the perfect look doesn’t necessarily mean high heels. As an agronomist, I do have to go into the fields sometimes and I like to feel good but that requires being dressed for the occasion! At the gym, sweat can actually look sexy if upon the right sweater. The flat shoes that I use to go to the supermarket can look flattering with the right shirt and trousers. Playing in the park with my children plays an important role in my life but