Coachella is here! | Chic Every Week
©Diego Anciano @CollageVintage2; ©Emily Malan; ©Getty Images/Cordon Press/Gtresoline Can you believe that Coachella is already here! Time flies! This is one of the highlight events of the year, that we are always looking for. The music, the people, the vibe, and the desert heat make Coachella the live music Mecca in the Southern California desert. Be prepared to enter this runway of chic fashionista fans, sharing their love for music in style. In other words this is the place we want to be next weekend. But what to wear to Coachella? In truth there are no rules anything goes (hippie, boho, rock, hip-hop style, people walk around in any style and in anything from bathing suits to costumes), but be prepared for a lot of skin, free-love kind of fashion, cool and crazy makeup and hair style, and most of all be prepared to listen great music and to have fun, lots of fun because that's what Coachella is all about. Have an awesome weekend and dance like nobody's watching! ;) Tip: the music is