Bill Cunningham, the Legendary Fashion Photographer | Chic Every Week
"Fashion is the Armour to survive the reality of everyday life" by Bill Cunningham. Last weekend we wake up with the sad news that the fashion industry and photography world has lost a legend, who inspired so many of us during so many years. Before the internet and before the fashion bloggers, there was Bill Cunningham, the man that didn't want to find fame, or even document fame, he just want to captured those who were influenced by fashion in a much more authentic way. Bill first became known as a designer of women's hats before moving on to writing about fashion for Women's Wear Daily and the Chicago Tribune. He began taking photographs at both runway shows and on the the streets of New York City, and his work came to the attention of The New York Times with a 1978 capture of Greta Garbo in an unguarded moment, where he worked for nearly four decades. Cunningham later said he had not recognized her while photographing her nutria coat, he just thought "Look at the cut of that