Anine Bing, from the garage to the luxury label | Chic Every Week
Anine Bing is a Danish fashion designer living with her husband Nicolai, kids Bianca and Benjamin and the dog Luca in Los Feliz, Los Angeles. Anine started off as a model and influencer, that turned into fashion entrepreneur and launched her eponymous luxury womenswear label with her husband, Nicolai Nielsen, from their garage in Los Angeles in 2012. "It started with cleaning out my closet. I had just had Bianca, my daughter, and I was bored and needed to clear out some of the extra clothes I wasn’t wearing. I picked 100 pieces and took pictures in them to put up on my blog. Everything sold out in a few hours and that’s when Nico and I realized that a lot of the women who followed me were looking for every day pieces that had become part of my uniform. I knew then that there was something missing from the fashion world and that I could create something based around the community I already had." Bing, who was born in Denmark, grew up in Sweden and moved to Los Angeles at the age of 21,