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Send Me a Note Fill in the boxes below if you have a question for me or if you'd just like to say, "Hi!" I look forward to hearing from you. The Short Version: If you live with a cat who insists on climbing on top of your book while you are reading or a dog who is begging for a scratch while you are trying to squeeze in one more chapter, then you already share something with Chandler. In 2013, after reading and studying so many stories, Chandler decided that it was time for him to give something back, to write adventures for our generation. If after reading his books, you feel closer to the animals around you, find a momentary relief from your troubles, or gain a new insight to enrich your life, then the work to get these stories to you will have been worth it. (For those looking for credentials, Chandler holds a Ph.D. in ethics and literature from the University of Virginia, has taught for over a decade, and has published several essays. A host of writers have