Please Don't Leave Me Here: Hour 7 of Live Another Day | Chandler Brett
Though this episode is largely an extended cat-and-mouse game between Team Al-Harazi and Team Bauer, there are a few crucial moral moments. In one particular scene, Jack is hurriedly escorting a wounded Simone out of the hospital, reporting that Simone's mother is sending a drone to destroy the hospital to eliminate her. When Simone expresses doubt, Jack drops her to the floor and continues down the hall toward the exit, telling her to stay if she really believes her mother loves her. In a low moment of pain and doubt, Simone cries out, "Please don't leave me here!" The camera focuses on Jack's face, filled with relief (that his tactic worked), perhaps some compassion (seeing her brokenness), and disgust (for what Simone and her family have done). Viewers wonder if Jack would have left her if she wasn't the only lead on her mother's location. It is a moment of choice, and Jack does go back. Ever since Jack followed the lead (the location of the phone number gained from the virus