Earth Day 2018 | Chandler Brett
Today is Earth Day. Many of you have heard of this time of reflection, and you probably already have an opinion on whether we should devote a day each year to consider how our current global cultures of development, industry, and technology have affected the fragile, yet resilient, ecosystems that frame our lives. I may not be able to persuade you to pause and reconsider if you hold to the current presidential administration's stance toward development over environment. Others may be sympathetic to celebrating an Earth Day and will pledge to do some more recycling or to appreciate easy access to clean water for drinking and bathing--yet the thought of ocean levels rising or polar bears starving or a type of rhinoceros going extinct just seems either too remote or too monumental a task. If something is important to us, though, we seek out ways to learn more. If you have even the slightest curiosity about what you might be able to do to support conservationist or sustainability projects,