Charismatic Characters: Comments on Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2 | Chandler Brett
I have mixed feelings about the second installment of Guardians of the Galaxy. Although I would not call it a great movie, I have the desire to see more of these characters. The movie does not necessarily offer enough character moments, and the plot boils down to something relatively simple, but I still come away having enjoyed the outing. As we saw in many of the pre-release spots and previews, it is Baby Groot, who is now more Toddler Groot, who steals the show. The first ten minutes of this film may be its best effort. While the rest of the team wrestles a massive space monster, Groot has adventures in his own little world. A new collection of vintage songs also decorates this outing; they stick with you long after the credits have rolled by. Chris Pratt continues to enjoy the role, and Rocket Raccoon has his own moments, though I wish he and Gamora both had more to work with. I'm not certain that I would sit down to watch the entire film again, but certain scenes definitely. Here's