"It's Not about You!" : A Moral Lesson in Doctor Strange | Chandler Brett
Dr. Strange is another enjoyable entry in the Marvel Studios master plan. Of course, this film is another superhero adventure with the obligatory origin story. Familiar tropes fill the screen, with numerous parallels to another goatee-sporting narcissist (Tony Stark); though, here we trade technology for magic--yet the occult-inspired world of the comics becomes (I think, wisely) a more mainstream science-fiction framework, traveling through other dimensions. I saw the film originally back in November and had fun with it, but recently watching it a second time, I wondered how heroic Strange is. Cumberbatch has said in interviews he was drawn to the role because of the change in the character, because of his journey through hardships and vulnerability. Certainly the film highlights Stephen's self-centered genius in the opening scenes. He delights in how his skill exceeds that of fellow doctors and what kind of reputation he is building. His friend and love interest, Dr. Christine