The Better Star Wars Movie, The One That Gives Me Hope | Chandler Brett
Yeah, yeah. I know I'm months behind, but I just finally watched Rogue One--had to get it in before May 4th! My delay in seeing the film was not intentional since the original preview caught my interest more than The Force Awakens. Life circumstances conspired against me. But now having viewed it, I unequivocally believe it is the film that gives me hope for the Star Wars franchise after Lucas' retreat, unlike a certain other effort. I realize the irony in this assessment: (1) Most viewers will not call this film hopeful; we know going into the story what we learned in theory first film, that the plans got to them through great cost. Here I thought of The Magnificent Seven and the film behind it, The Seven Samurai. Or perhaps Force 10 from Navarone or Bridge over the River Kwai. Ultimately the mission is a success, but it is a Pyrrhic victory. (2) Because of the heavy-cost and the number of deaths, many viewers may not think this story a good Star Wars story if it doesn't have an