Back in the Saddle | Chandler Brett
Back in the saddle again. Or more accurately, back at the keyboard again--but that doesn't evoke the same rhetorical power as the title of the Gene Autry or Aerosmith songs. It has been much too long since I've invested in my stories. About a year ago a significant challenge upended my family's routine and scuttled the writing schedule I had established. Although I had begun to outline the Wolf Code sequels, other demands consistently stampeded across the roads leading back to creative solitude. In September of 2014, after being away from A Sheltering Wilderness for four months, I wrote, "I have found the writing life to be quite the mental game. The longer you are away from your project the easier it is to stay away--that is, unless you get the irritating itch to return. Inertia is the name of the game: once the ball stops rolling, it takes a much greater force to get it rolling again" ("Returning to Writing after a Long Break"). I have been wrestling again with this inertia. As I've