Earth Day 2016 Deals on Wolf Code | Chandler Brett
Some calendars don't even have it listed in April, and many people dismiss it as a silly effort of "liberal-minded tree huggers" to promote agendas that will ultimately annoy those who are struggling to make a living (e.g., owls versus logging companies). However, the number of people who observe Earth Day is growing, and as our societies move ever more digital, it is important for us to remember that our very lives are intimately bound to the planet on which we live--and to the flora and fauna that share it with us. The idea began with Senator Gaylord Nelson, whose proposal led to the first celebration of Earth Day in 1970, coordinated by Denis Hayes, who in 1990 took the environmentalist message to the international community. Today, coordinated by Earth Day Network, it may be the largest secular holiday in the world. Those who founded Earth Day wished to call our attention to the future of our planet. While we debate about global warming, the ocean's levels are rising. While