Goodreads and Camp NaNoWriMo: Resources for Authors | Chandler Brett
There are many social-media resources for authors today, and many authors eventually waste untold hours trying to promote their books through these channels. Although Facebook and Twitter can be helpful in some ways (I have made connections with several other authors there), I have found that they are not all that useful in building a readership--at least, I haven't found the secret handshake that gets that going. So I decided to turn to another site that is much more geared toward readers--the obvious one, Goodreads. The past month I've coordinated my first giveaway on Goodreads. Since this was my first time to take advantage of this program, I watched it very closely and could not resist the temptation to revise the blurb advertising my book. Since it takes several hours (and a couple days if you meddle with it over the weekend) before your book gets back onto the site, you probably should not do this unless there is no momentum on your book at all. I think I may have upset some of