Past life regression sessions | Chalice Hypnotherapy
I am a past life regression therapist based in Cambridgeshire Peterborough. I have had a life long interest in this subject and knew that i would one day work in this area helping and guiding you to reveal what has been locked away in the subconscious mind waiting to be unveiled. I am a member of the associations of past life therapists with a life long interest and passion in the spiritual things in life, in particular the topic of past life regression and reincarnation. Whether for you it is a curiosity of the past lives you have lived before or if there is an issue affecting you in this life time that you wish to look at and see where the pattern originated from , whether that be a fear / phobia , relationship issues, or even a spiritual journey where you think that this may help you on that path. Sessions are around two hours long where we discuss what the aim of the session is for you , and then the experience where we will explore one two or three past lives. There